Certified Humane

Humane Practices for Our Turkeys
Our Turkeys are antibiotic free and have free range access to outdoor areas that provide natural sunlight and fresh air. Our Turkeys meet the very strict Certified Humane® guidelines and Farm Animal Welfare Standards for Turkeys.

In addition to meeting these guidelines, Koch's scored a 100% on the Turkey Welfare and Humane practices independent audit by Steritech.

For More information please go to CertifiedHumane.org.

We Meet Animal Welfare Standards
The Global Animal Partnership (GAP), a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 2008, brings together farmers, scientists, ranchers, retailers, and animal advocates—a diverse group with the common goal of improving the welfare of animals in agriculture. The 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Standards, recognizes and rewards producers for their welfare practices, promotes and facilitates continuous improvement, and better informs consumers about the production systems they choose to support.

With the successful completion of a pilot program with Whole Foods Market, the leading natural and organic food retailer, GAP is engaging with new retail partners, both restaurants and grocers. This program provides retailers and food outlets an animal welfare labeling program that demonstrates their commitment to animal welfare and helps inform consumers about how the products they choose to buy were produced.

As of May 1, 2014, the 5-Step program includes 2,406 farms and ranches that range from Step 1 to Step 5+ and raise more than 147 million animals annually.

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